Weider Protein Shake Chocolate (250ml) 12 Pack

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  • 12 Pack
  • 250ml Cans
  • 25g Protein
  • Delicious Chocolate Milkshake
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Weider Protein Shake Chocolate (250ml) 12 Pack

Elevate your post-workout routine or recharge your energy levels with the Weider Protein Shake Chocolate, now available in a convenient 12-pack. Each pack contains 12 bottles filled with 250ml of delicious and nutritious chocolate-flavoured protein shake, offering a quick and convenient way to replenish your muscles and satisfy your taste buds.

Crafted with precision, Weider’s Protein Shake Chocolate is a carefully balanced blend of high-quality protein, essential vitamins, and minerals designed to support muscle recovery and growth. Whether you’re an athlete, fitness enthusiast, or simply someone leading an active lifestyle, these protein shakes are the perfect companion to your fitness journey.

Formulated for convenience, each Weider Protein Shake Chocolate bottle is ready to drink, making it ideal for on-the-go consumption. Grab a bottle from your fridge or cooler and enjoy a satisfying dose of protein anytime, anywhere.

Indulge in the rich and creamy chocolate flavour, knowing you’re providing your body with the fuel it needs to perform at its best. With no added sugar and low in fat, Weider’s Protein Shake Chocolate offers a guilt-free indulgence you can enjoy confidently.

Satisfy your chocolate cravings while fueling your body with Weider Protein Shake Chocolate. Each can in a convenient 12-pack contains 250ml of delicious and nutritious protein shake, perfect for post-workout recovery or on-the-go snacking. With no added sugar and low in fat, this ready-to-drink shake offers a guilt-free indulgence packed with high-quality protein to support your fitness goals.

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