Redcon1 Grunt EAA Amino Tigers Blood (285g) 30 Servings

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  • 30 Servings
  • Supports Muscle Repair
  • Promotes Recovery
  • Reduces Muscle Soreness
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Redcon1 Grunt EAA Amino Tigers Blood (285g) 30 Servings

Fuel your fitness journey with Redcon1 Grunt EAA Amino in the exotic Tigers Blood flavor. This 285g pack delivers 30 servings of essential amino acids (EAAs) crucial for muscle recovery and growth.

🔥 Tigers Blood Flavor: Experience the wild and invigorating taste of Tigers Blood, a unique blend that’s both refreshing and energizing.

💪 Essential Amino Acids: Packed with all nine EAAs, Grunt supports muscle recovery, aids in muscle repair, and helps maintain muscle mass during intense workouts.

🥤 Easy to Mix: Designed for convenience, this easily dissolvable powder makes for a smooth, delicious drink.

🏋️ Ideal for Athletes: Whether you’re a bodybuilder, a fitness enthusiast, or an athlete, Redcon1 Grunt is formulated to meet your high-intensity demands.

🌿 30 Servings: Each pack provides 30 servings, making it a great value for regular gym-goers.

Add Redcon1 Grunt EAA Amino to your post-workout regimen and experience the difference in recovery and performance.

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