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Redcon1 Beta Alanine (30 Servings) Unflavoured

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  • Reduces muscle fatigue 
  • Improves performance 
  • Enhances muscular endurance 
  • Reduces exhaustion
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Beta-Alanine is a staple ingredient in many pre-workouts and for good reason; it helps enhance muscular endurance and can help reduce any muscular fatigue and exhaustion. If you have ever felt the "tingling" sensation after taking a pre-workout drink, odds are it contained Beta-Alanine. It is a non-essential amino acid, meaning that the body can produce it naturally, and is also often found in foods such as meat and fish. However, several studies have shown that supplementing Beta-Alanine can increase athletic performance. There is always a point during the exercise, especially during high-intensity training when fatigue will set in. This is where Beta-Alanine can play a role in reducing that fatigue and can prolong exercise so that you can train harder for longer. Reduces muscular fatigue Improves performance Enhances muscular endurance Reduces exhaustion Ingredient Info: Beta-Alanine is a naturally occurring version of the amino acid "alanine" studied for its ability to reduce muscular fatigue and increase muscular endurance. Beta-Alanine can tend to cause a "tingling" sensation of the skin, which is a typical and expected side effect. When to take Beta-Alanine: It is recommended to take 1 serving of Beta-Alanine either before your workout or during your workout.

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