Pokka Water4U (500ml) 24 Pack

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  • Pure Drinking Water
  • 500ml
  • 24 Pack
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Pokka Water4U, the perfect hydration companion, is now available in a convenient 24-pack of 500ml bottles! Quench your thirst and stay refreshed with this premium bottled water that offers pure, clean, and crisp hydration whenever you need it.

Each 500ml bottle of Pokka Water4U is carefully crafted to provide the highest quality water sourced from pristine natural springs. With its refreshing taste and superior clarity, it’s the ideal choice for staying hydrated throughout the day, whether at the office, hitting the gym, or on the go.

Pokka Water4U is designed to keep you hydrated without added sugars, calories, or artificial additives. It’s a guilt-free choice that allows you to replenish your body with the purest form of hydration. With zero fat and zero cholesterol, it’s the ultimate drink to support your healthy and active lifestyle.

The 24-pack option offers convenience and ensures plenty of refreshing water. Whether you’re hosting a gathering, stocking up for your family, or prefer a steady supply of water, this pack has you covered.

Pokka is committed to providing you with the highest quality and satisfaction standards. Our Water4U undergoes strict quality control processes to ensure it meets the highest purity standards, giving you peace of mind with every sip.

Choose Pokka Water4U, the trusted brand for hydration. Order your 24-pack of 500ml bottles today and experience the pure, clean, refreshing taste that will keep you hydrated throughout your day. Stay refreshed, stay healthy, and enjoy the ultimate hydration experience with Pokka Water4U.

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Dimensions 20 × 20 × 20 cm


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