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Misfits Vegan Protein Wafer Chocolate Caramel (37g) 12 Pack

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  • 12 Pack
  • 37g Wafers
  • Vegan
  • 9g Protein
  • 1g Sugar
  • Gluten-Free
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Misfits Vegan Protein Wafer Chocolate Caramel (37g) 12 Pack

Misfits Vegan Protein Wafer in the delightful Chocolate Caramel flavour is a delectable plant-based treat that seamlessly blends indulgence with nutrition. Each 37g wafer is part of a convenient 12 Pack, offering a satisfying snack or post-workout refuel. Crafted with a focus on vegan goodness, these wafers cater to those seeking a tasty alternative without compromising flavour or protein content.

Misfits Vegan Protein Wafer is entirely free from animal-derived ingredients as a plant-based product. This aligns with the growing demand for vegan-friendly options that cater to diverse dietary preferences. The protein source in these wafers is likely a blend of plant proteins, providing a complete amino acid profile to support muscle repair and growth.

The Chocolate Caramel flavour profile introduces a harmonious combination of rich chocolate and luscious caramel, delivering a treat for the taste buds. This indulgent fusion makes the wafers an enticing choice for those with a sweet tooth, offering a guilt-free way to enjoy a dessert-like experience.

Packaged individually within the 12 Pack, each wafer is ready to be enjoyed on the go. The pre-portioned servings make it easy to manage protein intake and satisfy cravings without excess. The wafer’s crunchy layers enhance the snacking experience, providing a delightful texture that complements the flavour.

Beyond taste, Misfits Vegan Protein Wafer prioritizes nutritional value. The product label will detail essential information, including protein content, calories, fats, carbohydrates, and other relevant nutrients. This transparency enables consumers to make informed choices based on their dietary goals and preferences.

For those conscious of sustainability, exploring Misfits’ commitment to eco-friendly practices in manufacturing and packaging could add more appeal to the product.

Misfits Vegan Protein Wafer Chocolate Caramel (37g) 12 Pack is a delicious blend of plant-based goodness, offering a guilt-free and convenient way to elevate snacking or refuel after a workout. Indulge in the mouthwatering fusion of chocolate and caramel while supporting your nutritional goals with this delightful vegan treat.

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