Animal 100% Whey Chocolate Fudge (1.8lb) 27 Servings

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  • 1.8lbs
  • 27 servings
  • Helps to build muscle mass.
  • Improves recovery from workouts.
  • Boosts the immune system.
  • Improves bone health.
  • Lowers blood pressure.
  • Reduces the risk of heart disease.
  • Helps you feel fuller longer.
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Elevate Your Protein Game with Animal 100% Whey Chocolate Fudge (1.8lb) – 27 Servings

When fueling your muscles and recovery, you deserve the best. That’s why we proudly introduce Animal 100% Whey Chocolate Fudge. Packed into this 1.8lb tub are 27 servings of pure protein excellence, specially crafted to meet the needs of athletes, bodybuilders, and fitness enthusiasts.

Power Your Muscles with Pure Whey Protein Animal 100% Whey Chocolate Fudge is a high-quality protein source that delivers the building blocks your muscles crave. Each scoop provides a generous serving of whey protein isolate and concentrate, ensuring your body gets the protein it needs for muscle growth and repair.

Indulge in Chocolate Perfection Not only is Animal 100% Whey Chocolate a protein powerhouse, but it’s also a delicious treat for your taste buds. With its rich and creamy chocolate fudge flavour, you’ll look forward to every sip, making it an enjoyable part of your daily routine.

27 Servings for Long-Lasting Value This 1.8lb tub contains 27 servings, ensuring a long-lasting supply of premium protein. Whether hitting the gym daily or maintaining an active lifestyle, Animal 100% Whey Chocolate has you covered.

Fast-Absorbing for Quick Recovery The whey protein in this supplement is fast-absorbing, which means it works quickly to repair and build your muscles. Whether it’s post-workout recovery or a convenient protein source throughout the day, this whey is your go-to choice.

Quality Assurance Animal is a brand trusted by athletes worldwide and is known for its commitment to quality and purity. Animal 100% Whey Chocolate is no exception, manufactured to the highest standards to ensure you’re getting nothing but the best.

Versatility in Your Nutrition Plan Whether blending it into a post-workout shake, stirring it into your morning oatmeal, or baking it into your favourite protein snacks, Animal 100% Whey Chocolate is a versatile addition to your nutrition plan.

Unleash Your Inner Beast: Don’t compromise on your protein intake. Fuel your fitness journey with the pure power of Animal 100% Whey Chocolate Fudge. It’s time to unleash your inner beast, recover like a champion, and make the most of every workout.

Your path to muscle growth and recovery begins here, with 27 servings of pure protein perfection. Get ready to achieve your fitness goals, one delicious scoop at a time.

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